Learn to Fly RC Airplanes!


1) What is it?

Learn to Fly RC Airplanes is our new printable electronic book (ebook).  It is packed full of detailed, step-by-step instructions that will get you flying sooner, and with confidence.  You can see the table of contents below.

The ebook is arranged in a traditional book style: page of text and images, without the web-page extras.  No menus or headers taking up space on the page.  So the book (or any pages that interest you) can be easily printed out, using less paper and ink.  For your convenience, the table of contents does contain live (click-able) links to each section.  You can also use the bookmarks feature to navigate quickly through the document.  And yes, the book does have page numbers :)  Which is good, since there are over 60 pages of essential learn-to-fly information! 


Learn to Fly RC Airplanes, Table of Contents:

1) Introduction 4
Where to fly 4
Insurance 5

2) Instructors 6
Get a live Instructor 6
If you cannot get an Instructor 6
Some rc airplanes for the self-teaching pilot to consider 7
RC Flight Simulators Reviewed 9

3) Radio Control Systems 12
What do all the controls really do? 15
Turning 19
Going up or down 19
Going faster or slower 20

4) Model Airplane Engines 22
How to start the engine 23
How to Tune Your Engine 24
Tuning Procedure 27
Needle Starting Point Procedure 28

5) The Electric RC Airplane 29
What do ESC, BEC, and LVC mean? 30
What Battery should I use? 31

6) RC Gliders 32
Thermal Gliders 32
How to find those invisible and elusive thermals 33
Slope Gliders 35
Your first slope flight 37

7) Flight Training 38
Flying in Small Steps 38
Detailed Takeoff Procedure 44
Detailed Circuit Flying Procedure 47
Detailed Landing Procedure 48

8) Troubleshooting 51
What if the engine or motor quits? 51
What if the radio glitches? 52
Orientation issues, and how to overcome them 52
How to Troubleshoot your rc airplane flight 54
How to Troubleshoot your model airplane engine 55
How to Troubleshoot your electric rc airplane 57

9) Aerobatics 58
Loop 58
Outside Loop 59
Roll 60
Barrel roll 60
Snap roll 60
Spin 61
Inverted Spin 62
Stall turns and Hammerheads 63
Inverted Flying 64
Pattern flight 64
3D flight 64



2) Why to get it

a) The book can be read on your PC, if you prefer reading "book style" to reading a web site.  It's also useful if you are commuting or traveling and have a computer and time to spend but no internet connection.  You can also print the whole book or relevant sections to take with you to the flying site. 

b) The subtitle to this book is "A Field Handbook".  Many times when learning to fly we needed a specific bit of information but did not have ready access to the info, and so were "done for the day".  For example, you start your engine, but cannot for the life of you get it to keep running: it quits before you can roll the airplane out to the runway.  Would you know how to handle this??

Nothing in this hobby is more frustrating than packing up your stuff, going to fly, being stopped by a simple problem, then going home, and finding the answer in 2 minutes on the web!   This book was designed to help with that problem.  Print out a copy and keep it in your car or flight box.

c) With the advice in this book, you'll spend less time crashing and more time having fun!

d) You can be reading this book within minutes.  No need to wait for a delivery person, or spend precious gas money to drive to a crowded bookstore.

e) And last but not least, some us still like to read on the sofa, in the bed or out in the hammock...


3) How to get it

The book is available for the low price of $9.95.  This is a bargain, considering:

i) the amount of time you can save while learning to fly

ii) the convenience of the book format

iii) this book costs less than the spare parts and time spent to recover from a single typical crash!


To order, simply click here:


This will take you to our secure Clickbank order page, where you can pay by credit card, paypal, or echeck. (You'll see the product code OMIVLLC-2). Once you have completed the order, you will be immediately given the instructions for downloading the book.  You will be reading your book within minutes

The book is in the standard pdf format, and is 1.3 Mb in size.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to view the file.  If you don't have the reader, click here to download it:

Note that the ebook is copyrighted by RC Airplane Advisor.  Making copies (except for your individual use), selling copies, or otherwise distributing the ebook, is not allowed.

If you have questions about the book before you buy (or would like to suggest another ebook that you would like to see), don't hesitate to Contact Us.