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Airbrush Photo Sequence

Test piece: RC airplane battery hatch, made of foam covered in fiberglass and polycrylic.Paint: Tamiya acrylic red, with Tamiya thinner.Airbrush: Single action Paasche model H, large nozzle (#5).Air pressure: 15 psi.

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Aim to left of piece (click on thumbnail for larger image):

aim airbrush to side of target


Depress button to start paint flow:

start spray to side of target


Start moving the airbrush over the piece, back....

start airbrush moving


and forth....

keep airbrush moving


and back...mist on the paint in several passes of the airbrush.

airbrush still moving


After the piece has taken on a bit of color, start to move around to the opposite side.

move around to opposite side



After the first coat. This piece will eventually be red in color.

first coat completed


Wait the required time, then recoat. After the second coat:

second coat completed



After the third coat. Now that's red!

third and final coat