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Electric RC airplanes have some new words and concepts for you to master. Below are three common abbreviations, along with their meanings and what these components they do.

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ESC = electronic speed control
This device controls the battery voltage that your motor sees. Zero voltage (Tx stick at zero) means no power, full voltage (Tx stick all the way forward) means max power, etc.

BEC = battery eliminator circuit
This circuit in your ESC allows the receiver (and servos) and the motor to run from the same battery. This saves the weight of second battery. Most modern ESCs have this BEC feature. Be careful to read the manufacturers specs, as BECs have limitations on number of battery cells and servos that can be safely used.

LVC = low voltage cutoff
In a system using BEC, the power to the motor is cut off when the battery voltage drops below a certain value. Power to the receiver is maintained, enough to allow several minutes of control. The airplane is glided to a safe landing with the radio fully functional.