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Get a Live Instructor

A live instructor can greatly cut down on the time it takes for you to learn to fly. Your expenses will be cut down too, as you will crash less often.

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Despite your best efforts to build or assemble your plane, there will be slight imperfections in it.

This causes it to not fly perfectly smooth or "hands-off". Instructors can flight test your airplane, and perform trim adjustments.

This ensures that your plane is stable as it can be, before you, the newbie pilot, take over the controls. If an instructor has a Tx that is compatible with yours, the two units can be connected with a cable.

This arrangement is known as "buddy-boxing". This allows the instructor to take the plane to a safe altitude, then release control to the student using a switch on his Tx.

If the student gets into trouble, the instructor can take over the controls easily, just by releasing the switch.

Even without the buddy-box, having an instructor by your side is still priceless. In addition to the test flight, the instructor is there with advice and calming words of encouragement.

And if all else fails, in an emergency you can hand the Tx to your teacher!

Just do that before the plane is really close to the ground.

So, what if you cannot get an instructor?

Many people have taught themselves to fly, including yours truly. The key is knowing what to expect.

Here is some guidance on how to learn to fly rc without an instructor.