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Your Guide to Powered RC Airplanes

Powered RC airplanes differ from RC gliders in that they carry onboard their own means of keeping the airplane in the sky. These could be nitro-powered engines, or electric motors.

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A powered plane reduces some of the challenge of finding natural lift to keep the airplane in the sky, but adds the equally fun challenge of understanding and operating the power system.

slow flying electric powered airplane

An electric powered airplane. Wing structure is balsa wood covered with heat shrink plastic. Light yet strong.

Flying powered RC airplanes also gives the pilot who is interested in modeling scale aircraft many more subjects to choose from.

Powered airplanes are just much more common in full-size aviation than are gliders.

Many pilots get involved in some sub-segment of the hobby, such as scale warplanes, scale civilian light aircraft, or scale aerobatic planes.

There really are a lot of exciting possibilities! If you are wondering how someone pilots a powered rc plane, check here for flight lessons.

What if the engine or motor quits? Many people think that all bets are off if you have an engine or motor failure.

The truth is that all airplanes can glide (even a Boeing 747!), just by differing amounts. You will learn about recovering from engine failures in your flight training.

Which power plane should I get? You have an enormous range of choices. You want something specifically designed for training new pilots.

It needs to be light, slow, stable and easy to see. Here are some good choices.

Whatever choice you make, you are sure to enjoy the world of powered rc airplanes!