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Some rc airplanes for the self-teaching pilot to consider

Some options for beginners' gliders are the Thunder Tiger "Whisper" and "Windstar", the Great Planes "Spirit" and the Goldberg "Gentle Lady". These will require a launching system (winch or high-start) or a shallow slope.

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If you prefer a powered electric glider, consider Thunder Tiger "Windstar Mk2" and "Whisper", the Great Planes "Spectra" and the Goldberg "Electra".

You'll need batteries for the electric motor, as well as a battery charger. If you prefer a model that has wheels and takes off from the ground, consider the GWS "E-starter" or "SlowStick".

Wheels add a whole other dimension of fun to the sport! These gliders and electric planes are perhaps a better choice for the self-taught rc pilot, when compared to nitro-powered airplanes.

Nitro engines require a somewhat fine touch to start and operate, and will increase the complexity of trying to learn on your own. All of the above airplanes are readily available from major hobby retailers.

Whatever you do, do NOT get a model that is advertised as capable of aerobatics! Or a scale model, one that looks a lot like the real thing.

These categories of model may look nice, but will cause you nothing but grief when learning to fly. You can always get one after learning.

Stay away from flat, straight wings, as these do not have built-in stability.