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How to Troubleshoot your rc airplane flight

Below is a table to help you troubleshoot your first rc airplane flight:

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Plane will not take off

Too little power

Use more powerful motor, or higher voltage battery

Not enough airspeed to fly

Wait a bit longer before trying to take-off

Not enough up-elevator

Apply a bit more up elevator, as a last resort.

Nose gear too short

Airplane is pointed down, so does not want to rotate. Increase nose gear length

Plane is very twitchy

Too much control throw (range of movement)

Reduce control throws

Aircraft zooms up, drops the nose, then repeats

Aircraft is tail-heavy

Move components (especially battery) further forward in airplane

Airplane will not roll straight down the runway

Wheels misaligned

Twist landing gear wire to correct alignment

I try to turn, and the plane rolls over right into the ground

Plane stalled

Keep airspeed up in the turns, or use less elevator

Airplane will not fly straight and level hands-off for a couple seconds

Plane is too advanced for a beginner

Get a lightweight, polyhedral trainer!

Plane needs trim adjustments

Have an experienced flyer do a trim flight.